Biographical Sketch: Daniel Janes, Ph.D.

Daniel Janes Headshot
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Daniel Janes, Ph.D., is an evolutionary geneticist and program director in the Division of Genetics and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He oversees grants in the areas of genetic variation, evolutionary genetics and modeling for infectious diseases. Within these portfolios, Janes handles NIGMS grants focused on mechanisms of change or maintenance of genetic variation, speciation and evolving relationships between hosts and pathogens. He is also the program director for the MIDAS program which develops tools to better understand emerging infectious diseases. Since 2011, he has also overseen NIGMS grants focused on DNA repair, mutagenesis and recombination as well as postdoctoral fellowship grants and training programs in the areas of genetics and developmental biology. Janes also manages the K99 awards for the GMCDB Division. Before coming to NIGMS, Janes was a research fellow at Harvard University. He earned a B.A. in Biology from Boston University and a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Florida, then did postdoctoral research at Iowa State University.

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