Bacteria on Your Body Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller Front

Fortune Teller - Front
Fortune Teller Front
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1. T/F: If you bathe regularly, your skin will remain free of bacteria.
F: Your skin is always covered with bacteria. But don't worry—​it's normal.

2. T/F: Most of the bacteria on your skin are bad for you.​
F: Most skin bacteria are harmless. Some even protect you from other, more harmful bacteria.

3. T/F: What you eat can affect which bacteria live on your skin.
T: Yes, and so can many other things, like how old you are, where you live, and whether you are taking any medicines.

4. T/F: Some bacteria on your skin can cause disease.
T: Bacteria can cause MRSA, cellulitis, and other diseases.

5. Which of these do bacteria help with: a) Proper digestion b) Wound healing c) Spelling tests
A: Both a) and b). Bacteria in your gut help digest food, and bacteria on your skin help heal cuts and other wounds.

6. What is special about the bacteria in your belly button?
A: Scientists are learning that right now through the Belly Button Biodiversity Project.

7. T/F: The type and distribution of bacteria on your skin are unique to you.
T: They are as unique as your fingerprints. But unlike fingerprints, the mix of bacteria on your skin changes throughout your life.

8. Interested in learning more about the bacteria on your skin?
Read an article about a scientist who studies them, Elizabeth Grice.

Fortune Teller Back - Folding Instructions

Fortune Teller - Back
Fortune Teller Back
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1. With pictures face down, fold on both diagonals. Unfold.
2. Fold all four corners to center.
3. Turn paper over.
4. Again, fold all corners to center.
5. Fold paper in half and unfold.
6. Fold in half from top to bottom. Do not unfold.
7. Slide thumbs and forefingers under the squares and move back and forth to play.