FAQS for Suggested Tables

When tables request five years of data, what start date should applicants use?

When filling out Tables B to D, "five years" should cover data from 2013 to the present.

For Table B, what do the "MS" and "PhD" rows in sections B and C refer to?

These rows refer to students who are enrolled in BUILD-relevant master's and Ph.D. programs at the primary institution.

For Table C, if a faculty member has a current BUILD Pilot Project Award, can this individual be counted as having an extramural research program?


For Table C, can faculty who are at a research intensive and/or graduate partner institution be counted?

No, only faculty from the Primary undergraduate institution are to be counted for Table C.

Table D is listed as "D1." Is there a Table D2 that must be completed?

No, there is no Table D2.

Please explain what information is being requested for Table D1.

This table asks for the total number of students who graduated with their bachelor's degrees from the primary BUILD institution in BUILD-relevant degree-granting majors in the last five years (2013 to present).

Table 2 Participating Faculty Members - Who are the faculty who should be listed in Table 2?

Table 2 lists the faculty members who serve as trainee advisors/preceptors or have effort listed on the TL4 award. Faculty members from research intensive or pipeline institutions may also be listed if they are fully active participants in the BUILD program.

Table 4 Research Support of Participating Faculty Members - How should faculty members from partner institutions be listed in Table 4?

Please group faculty members by their institutions. All faculty members from the Primary institution should be listed first. Faculty members from partner institutions should be listed next on a separate page. The institution of the faculty member from partner institutions should be noted next to the faculty member's name.

If a faculty member is the PI of a large Program Project or Center grant, the award dollars should only reflect the PI's individual award for that project and not the amount for the entire grant.

Table 5C Publications of Those in Training: Undergraduate - How should publications for BUILD supported students be listed in Table 5C?

For each participating faculty member in the renewal application, list the students who worked with that faculty member. List publications in chronological order, followed by abstract-only publications.

List all publications of undergraduate students resulting from their period of training in the participating faculty member's laboratory or in association with the current undergraduate program through completion of their undergraduate degree. List abstract-only publications only if a peer-reviewed publication has not appeared and label these clearly as abstracts. Boldface the BUILD-supported undergraduate student's name in the author list.

Do not list publications or abstracts for an undergraduate student resulting from work done prior to receiving BUILD support or arising from research initiated after their BUILD funding ended or if funding came from a non-BUILD grant.

RL5-supported students who did not have a publication do not have to be included in Table 5C. All TL4-supported students should be listed in Table 5C with the faculty members with whom they had research intensive experiences of at least eight weeks.

For TL4-supported undergraduate students without a publication, indicate "No Publications." Provide one of the following explanatory phrases: new entrant, leave of absence, change of research supervisor, left program, other.

What are the differences between Table 5C for the Research Enrichment Core (REC) and Table 5C for the Training Core?

A major difference in Table 5C for the Training Core (TL4) is that the names of all students who received TL4 support should be listed in the table, whether they had a publication or not. If a TL4-supported student did not have a publication or abstract, it should be stated as "None."

For Table 5C in the REC, students who did not have a publication should not be listed. Students who received funding from both RL5 and TL4 awards must be listed in Table 5C for the Training Core and may also be included in Table 5C for the REC.

What are the differences between the Table 8D for the Research Enrichment Core (REC) and the Table 8D for the Training Core?

Table 8D for the REC should include the names of students who received RL5 funds during BUILD I, whereas Table 8D for the Training Core should list the students who were supported by TL4 funds. The names of students listed in Table 8D of the Training Core should match those names that have been entered in xTRAIN for the first funding cycle of the institution's BUILD TL4 award.

If a student received funding from both RL5 and TL4 awards during their educational and training period, the student's name should be included in both application sections with the funding sources listed in the column titled "Summary of Support During Training."

What year should be used for the Start Date in Table 8D?

For BUILD awards, the Start Date corresponds to month and year when the student first began his/her college education to earn a bachelor's degree. The end date should be the last year a student received BUILD funding or other forms of NIH support, e.g., other undergraduate training support (R25 or T34), SCORE (SC), AREA (R15), or other forms of support from research awards (R01, R21, R35, etc.).

What does "TY" refer to in the column "Summary of Support During Training" in Table 8D?

For undergraduate training awards, TY refers to the student's training year of education. For a first-year student who received BUILD funding, the TY would be TY1. For a student in his/her third year of educational training that is supported by a BUILD award, it would be TY3.

If a student has spent a year at a community college and transfers to a BUILD institution and receives BUILD support in his/her first year at the institution, it is the student's second year of educational training and it should be written as TY2. Please bold the BUILD award (RL5 or TL4) that supports the student during a training year. If a student was supported by the UL1 award, please list their funding as UL1 for Table 8D.

For Table 8D, can the faculty member of an undergraduate student be at the partner (research intensive) institution?

Yes, if the student is spending the majority of his or her time working in this faculty's lab on a research project. For example, this could be true for a student who is working on a project and then does a postbac experience with this faculty member; or a student who, after a summer research intensive training experience, continues to work with the mentor throughout the school year.