Suggested Timeline for Application to the PRAT Program

6 months
before submission deadline
5 months
before submission deadline
  • Identify potential preceptors.
  • Confirm their ability to serve as mentor in the PRAT program. Note: Each preceptor may be the primary sponsor on only one PRAT/Fi2 application in the same review cycle but may be a co-sponsor on more than one application. If multiple applications from the same primary sponsor are received in a single cycle, none will be considered.
  • Discuss your research idea with selected mentor(s).
3 months
before submission deadline
  • Begin writing your application (e.g., research proposal, biosketch, etc.).
  • Identify the signing official (Authorized Organization Representative) for the NIH institute where you are proposing to conduct your postdoctoral research and discuss intent to apply, timeline for application submission and obtain an NIH-affiliated eRA Commons account.
  • Identify letter of reference writers.
2 months
before submission deadline
  • Get feedback on your application (from research advisor, other mentors, colleagues and OITE career services).
1 month
before submission deadline
  • Finalize your application and ensure all necessary components are included (consult the NOFO and PRAT website for guidance).
  • Coordinate submission of materials by the signing official/AOR noted above.
    • Note: Some representatives prefer to submit grant applications ahead of the official due date to maximize your opportunity to correct any errors, so maintain contact with them throughout the process.
  • Ensure letters of reference are submitted through eRA Commons by the deadline.

Contact the PRAT Program Director, Dr. Edgardo Falcó​​n-Morales, at any time if you have questions.