IDeA Co-Funding

NIGMS provides co-funding to support research project grant applications from investigators within IDeA-eligible states whose proposals received meritorious scores through the peer review process but fall short of the Institute’s or Center’s (IC) payline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • R01 and R15 applications (either new or competing continuations) submitted by investigators from institutions within IDeA-eligible states and assigned to any NIH IC are eligible to be nominated for funding consideration.
  • The NIH IC that has the primary assignment for the application determines which applications it will nominate for IDeA co-funding. Each IC must select meritorious applications that just fall short of the IC’s payline.
  • PIs wishing to be considered for IDeA co-funding should contact the Program Officer (PO) assigned to the application directly.
  • All PIs and performance sites must be in IDeA eligible states. If a PI moves to a non-IDeA state, the co-funded portion of the grant will be terminated.

Award Information

  • The IDeA program anticipates providing up to $320,000 in total costs for each of the first two years of a selected co-funding application.
  • IDeA co-funding is conducted once per year. The nomination period typically opens in January or February and closes in early April.
  • Co-funding selections are typically made in June or July.

For further details or questions about the IDeA Co-Funding initiative contact Dr. Federico Bernal.

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