IDeA Co-Funding

NIGMS provides co-funding to support research project grant applications from investigators in IDeA states whose proposals received meritorious scores through the peer review process but fall short of the Institute’s or Center’s (IC) payline.

Eligibility Criteria

  • R01R15 and MIRA R35​ applications (either new or competing continuations) submitted by investigators from institutions in IDeA states and assigned to any NIH IC are eligible to be nominated for funding consideration.
  • All PIs and performance sites must be in IDeA eligible states. If a PI moves to a non-IDeA state, the co-funded portion of the grant will be terminated.

Contacting the IC the application is assigned to

  • The NIH IC that has the primary assignment for the application determines which applications it will nominate for IDeA co-funding and should select meritorious applications that just fall short of the IC’s payline.
  • A PI wishing to be nominated by an NIH IC for IDeA co-funding consideration should first contact the Program Officer of the eligible application and the IDeA Co-Funding Coordinator at the NIH IC the application is assigned to.

Award Information

  • The IDeA program anticipates providing up to $35​0,000 in total costs for each of the first two years of a selected co-funding application.
  • IDeA co-funding is conducted once per year. The nomination period typically opens in January or February and closes in early April.
  • Co-funding selections are typically made in June or July.

For further details or questions about the IDeA Co-Funding initiative, contact Yang Z​hou, Ph.D.

Co-funding Interactive Portfolio Dashboard