IDeA Clinical and Translational Research Programs

​​The IDeA Clinical and Translational Research Programs support several clinical and translational research programs that aim to develop research infrastructure and human resources, enhance the ability of investigators and institutions to develop competitive clinical research programs, and strengthen collaborative research that target health conditions prevalent in IDeA states. Funding programs include:

IDeA Clinical & Translational Research Network (CTRN) Award program

Formerly named the IDeA Networks for Clinical and Translational Research (IDeA-CTR) program, CTRN funds statewide or multi-state regional networks that support: (1) infrastructure and human resources development to conduct clinical and translational research, (2) enhancement of IDeA institutions' and investigators' ability to develop competitive clinical and translational research programs, and (3) collaboration and coordination of clinical and translational research activities spanning IDeA institutions/organizations that address health conditions prevalent among its populations.

The new CTRN Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is expected to be released in late Spring 2023 to replace the expired IDeA-CTR FOA PAR-20-175​.

IDeA Clinical & Translational Research Development (CTRD) Award program

CTRD aims to develop clinical and translational research capacity by supporting infrastructure and workforce development at institutions through a new Funding Opportunity Announcement that is expected to be released in late Spring 2023.

IDeA Clinical Research Resource Center (I-CRRC)

I-CRRC aims to increase the capacity in IDeA states to conduct clinical trials and complex observational studies. Clinical trials and complex observational studies are essential for understanding health conditions and translating biomedical research advances into better patient care. Increasing the number of clinical trials and complex observational studies in IDeA states is a pressing need that requires continued efforts to strengthen clinical research capacity and maximize the use of existing resources through innovative approaches.

I-CRRC will 1) strengthen communication and develop collaborations between health research institutions in IDeA states and clinical trial sponsors; and 2) develop clinical research coordinators with the knowledge and skills to manage clinical trials and complex observational studies.

See Funding Opportunity Announcement PAR-22-150 for specifics of the program. The application due date for this FOA has passed.