NIGMS Standing Study Sections

NIGMS has four standing study sections. These review panels review the flagship training programs for the institute. Reviewers on the panels have extensive experience in training programs and they are appointed for 2-to-6 year terms. The panels each meet three times a year to review that round of applications.

The TWD-A and TWD-B study sections routinely review basic biomedical and medical sciences predoctoral T32 programs. There is considerable overlap in expertise between the two review panels to be able to manage conflict applications. When necessary, ad hoc reviewers are used to bolster appropriate expertise on each panel. The predoctoral T32 applications are divided between the TWD-A and TWD-B study sections to balance workload and to avoid conflicts. Post-doctoral T32 programs are reviewed by a separate special emphasis panel (SEP) through this office.

The TWD-A study section's SRO is Dr. Isaah Vincent
The TWD-B study section's SRO is Dr. Latarsha Carithers​

The TWD-C and TWD-D study sections handle a more diverse set of applications. They review the Bridges to the Baccalaureate (T34), U-RISE (T34), MARC (T34), PREP (R25), Bridges to the Doctorate (T32), G-RISE (T32), IMSD (T32), and IRACDA (K12) programs. Both TWD-C and TWD-D review panels review all these types of programs, which are divided between the two to avoid conflict and to balance workload.

The TWD-C study section's SRO is Dr. Sonia Ortiz-Miranda
The TWD-D study section's SRO is Dr. Tracy Koretsky