Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

No, applicants interested in obtaining support for these type of events should apply to the NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (R13). Note that NIGMS only funds R13 grants in limited circumstances, as described on the Support for Scientific Meetings (R13) page of the NIGMS website.

Yes, IPERT activities may be held as an event within the schedule of sessions of a larger meeting.

Yes, direct costs will be capped at $500,000 per year, but note that the budget for the integrated activities must be well-justified and related to the scope of IPERT.

Yes, as appropriate, an IPERT can support activities for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and/or faculty.

No, IPERT is intended for an integrated program of activities including short courses/workshops, mentoring and outreach, in some balance. It is not designed to support extended mentored research experiences for students.

Yes, an integrated set of activities may include a year-long program of offerings for the same participants or different cohorts of participants.

No, IPERT must be open to eligible participants from any institution or organization who are in the targeted demographic for the proposed integrated program. An IPERT should describe how individuals may apply for and are selected to participate in the program of activities. An IPERT should be open to the broader biomedical community, serving at a national or regional scale.

The evaluation plan should be designed to assess the accomplishment of the desired program outcome(s). A complete evaluation plan will have measurable goals and objectives that can be used to assess the success or impact of specific IPERT activities in achieving the desired outcomes. Please read NOFO​ for a detailed description of what the evaluation plan should contain.

No, but potential applicants are advised to speak with the program officer prior to submitting an application.

No, renewal applications describing previously supported programs must strongly justify the need for the program and/or for continued funding from NIGMS, including new elements that build on the initial award activities.

Yes, applicants must describe how successful IPERT activities and elements will be continued beyond the duration of the award.