R24 Funded Resources - Biological Specimens

Dictyostelium Community Resource (DCR)
Northwestern University

R24 Grant Number: R24GM137770
Principal Investigator: Rex L. Chisholm
The Dictyostelium Community Resource (DCR) is an integrated resource for investigators using Dictyostelium and related species for biomedical research and training. The DCR integrates two previously separately funded resources, dictyBase (R01GM064426), the model organism database and the Dicty Stock Center (R01GM087371), the strain and materials collection for Dictyostelids, to create a comprehensive community resource.

NIGMS National and Regional Resources-DNASU
Arizona State University

R24 Grant Number: R24GM137776
Principal Investigator: Joshua Labaer
DNASU Plasmid Repository Resource is a non-profit, academic-based repository that provides academia, industry and the government with a wide variety of plasmids including specialized vectors, regulatory genetic sequences, and genes from 1,269 organisms, with many complete genome collections, including the first complete human set. This resource was previously supported by R24GM120465 and U01GM098912.

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