Which Research Grant Is Right for Me?

This decision tree is intended for independent investigators doing research within the NIGMS mission who are new to NIH and do not have a major research grant. This includes early stage investigators (ESIs). NIGMS supports generalizable, foundational basic research and a limited number of clinical areas that affect multiple organ systems.

Anyone can use this tool, but it’s designed for those who are new to the NIH process. Click on the “Tell me more” option for definitions and additional information.

This decision tree will help identify potential fit to one or more of the four notices of funding opportunity (NOFOs) NIGMS generally uses to fund research project grants (RPGs).

Each NOFO includes details about organization and principal investigator (PI) eligibility information. All eligibility criteria must be met to qualify. Use the decision tree below to identify a potential fit, then check the appropriate NOFO to confirm full eligibility. Consult with your institution’s business official to verify your organization’s eligibility. For questions about the NOFO or eligibility, contact the program official or scientific/research contact listed towards the end of the NOFO.

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Supports research capacity building at organizations that receive less than $6 million per year (total cost) of NIH Research Project Grant funds and have either at least 25% of the undergraduate enrollment supported by Pell grants in each of the last 2 years or belong to one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) or Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs).

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Open to PIs with primary appointments at non-health professional schools or colleges within the applicant organizations that have primarily undergraduate enrollment. PIs who have intensive teaching responsibilities and limited time to devote to research may want to consider this mechanism. These are small-scope research projects defined by aims and must include undergraduate students.

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Two funding opportunities: one open to ESIs and the other to new PIs seeking funding from NIGMS and established PIs who have current NIGMS funding for a research project. These awards provide support for a program of research that falls within the mission of NIGMS. Projects are not defined by a set of aims.

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Parent R01 open to all PIs. These are defined research projects with a set of Aims. Note: If you are interested in technology development learn more about the NIGMS program here.

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