Support for Scientific Meetings (R13)

NIGMS provides support for a limited number of scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops on basic biomedical research and research training topics relevant to its mission through t​he parent announcement PA-24-141​. Such meetings are funded by the R13 grant mechanism and may be awarded for up to 5 years. Any U.S. institution or organization, including an established scientific or professional society, is eligible to apply. ​

NIGMS will only support meetings that (in general) fulfill the following characteristics:

  • Are closely aligned with NIGMS’ central mission and interests,
  • Include participants who do not frequently interact in other venues,
  • Are not recurring or potentially recurring, and
  • Are held at domestic sites.

NIGMS will consider support for freestanding meetings that focus on research training and/or workforce development or are in support of programs in the Division of Research Capacity Building that do not fit within the Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training (IPERT) (R25). Applicants seeking support for integrated training-related activities, in addition to conference support, should consider IPERT.

The Institute anticipates accepting very few R13 applications. Simply because a meeting falls within the general areas of science or training and workforce development supported by NIGMS does not mean that the Institute will support the meeting.

Please note that NIGMS will not support scientific courses through the R13 activity code. Courses that meet the criteria set forth in IPERT may apply to that program.

Letter of Intent, Application and Review

Before submitting an application, NIGMS requires potential applicants to submit a letter of intent to Shannon Doyle, Ph.D.​ , Division of Extramural Activities at NIGMS, at least 30 days before the application deadline. The letter of intent must contain the title, purpose, significance, content, list of potential speakers, audience, location, and estimated cost of the proposed meeting. Sufficient information should be provided to allow assessment of how the grant addresses NIGMS priorities for the R13 program. The acceptance of a letter of intent does not substitute for a formal conference grant application. NIGMS staff will respond to letters of intent with a letter or e-mail message indicating approval or disapproval. An approval response must accompany an application, or it will be returned to the submitter.

Applications must be made electronically through using the SF424 form and application guide. The application receipt deadlines are April 12, August 12, and December 12. NIGMS staff will evaluate applications for programmatic relevance and the NIH Center for Scientific Review or the NIGMS Office of Scientific Review will manage the review of applications for scientific merit.

To allow time for the approval process, there must generally be at least 10 months between the application deadline and the proposed conference date.

NIGMS will rarely accept secondary or dual assignments of R13 applications.

For more information, see ​PA-24-141: NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (Parent R13 Clinical Trial Not Allowed), or contact Dr. Shannon Doyle​.