Understanding the genetic material DNA and RNA, heredity, and variation—that's genetics. Studies in genetics focus on questions like:

  • What regulates the activity of genes?
  • How do genes affect health and disease?
  • What can we learn about ourselves by studying organisms like bacteria, yeast, and fruit flies?

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Pathways Icon. Pathways

A collaboration between NIGMS and Scholastic, Inc., that provides a collection of free educational resources about basic biomedical science and research careers.

Biomedical Beat Icon. Biomedical Beat

A blog highlighting NIGMS-funded research and scientists, as well as images and tools that help illustrate biomedical concepts and advances to the general public.

Findings Magazine Icon. Findings

A magazine published from 2001 to 2017 that showcased diverse scientists who were doing cutting-edge research and leading interesting lives.

Fact Sheets


Image and Video Gallery Icon. Image and Video Gallery

Scientific photos, illustrations, and videos from NIGMS grantees

iBiology Icon. iBiology

Collection of videos that convey the excitement of modern biology research, the scientific process, and the people behind the discoveries, supported by NIGMS


The Science of Sleep Icon. The Science of Sleep

Interactive showing the science behind the sleep-wake cycle