Pathways is a collaboration between NIGMS and Scholastic, Inc., that provides a collection of free educational resources about basic biomedical science and research careers. The Pathways resources, designed for grades 6 through 12, include a student magazine, teacher lesson plans, activities, and videos. The student magazine is distributed twice a year to subscribers of Scholastic’s Science World magazine, reaching nearly 500,000 students in all 50 states. Both the student magazine and teaching guide can be ordered free of charge. Explore and access these resources below.

Planning for virtual learning? Pathways resources are great for classroom teachers, home schoolers, and parents to use remotely to enhance science education.

Lessons, Activities, and Videos on Basic Biomedical Science


Vaccine Science

These STEM and ELA resources discuss the science behind mRNA vaccines and how researchers were equipped to respond to COVID-19. Also, Vice President Kamala Harris and top scientists share insights about career paths in research. Help students uncover how mRNA vaccines work in the body and how other tools help prevent outbreaks.

The Brain and Anesthesia

These STEM and ELA resources highlight how scientists research the mysteries of pain. They also describe the function of anesthesia on the brain and feature some anesthesiologists who study pain. Help students uncover how medical research is fueling innovation in pain prevention.


These STEM and ELA resources highlight imaging tools that scientists use to peer into the microscopic world of cells and molecules. Help students uncover how these techniques can aid researchers in learning about the body’s normal and abnormal processes and lead to more effective, targeted treatments for illnesses.


These STEM and ELA resources explore the basics of infectious diseases and drug resistance. Help students uncover why some viruses and bacteria can’t be treated with drugs and how they can help prevent the spread of superbugs.

Circadian Rhythms

Use these STEM and ELA resources to introduce students to circadian rhythms, the “schedules” our bodies follow over the course of a day. These rhythms influence processes like hunger and the sleep-wake cycle.


Use these STEM and ELA resources to introduce students to the amazing world of regeneration research, how it can improve people’s health, and the inspiring scientists who work in this fascinating field.

Basic Science Careers

Use these STEM and ELA resources to teach students about basic science, its contribution to our health, and the interesting careers that your students could pursue.

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