Recent Alumni

PRAT alumni go on to successful careers in a wide variety of sectors. Outcomes for the 77 fellows who’ve completed PRAT training since 2005 are listed below. Overall, 38% of recent PRAT alumni are in academic careers, 31% have careers in government, 21% have industry careers and 10% have other science-related careers. About 65% of fellows continue in career paths where research is the primary activity.

PRAT Alumni Career Outcomes (2005 - Present) pie chart

Below are representative examples of PRAT fellows pursuing careers in various sectors.


Carrie House HeadshotCarrie House, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor,
San Diego State University
Julia Liu HeadshotJulia Liu, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor,
University of Minnesota
Carrie Lucas HeadshotCarrie Lucas, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor,
Yale University
Dylan Murray HeadshotDylan Murray, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor,
University of California Davis


Mahamat Babagana HeadshotMahamat Babagana, Ph.D.,
Research Physiologist,
US Navy
Nadine Samara HeadshotNadine Samara, Ph.D.,
Stadtman Tenure Track Investigator,
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
Cheryse Sankar HeadshotCheryse Sankar, Ph.D.,
Health Science Policy Analyst,
Kentner Singleton HeadshotKentner Singleton, Ph.D.,
Program Officer,
National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease

Industry and Other Science Careers

Emily Holzinger HeadshotEmily Holzinger, Ph.D.,
Senior Scientist,
Lee Langer HeadshotLee Langer, Ph.D.,
Computational Biologist,
Tempus Labs
Jill Fritz HeadshotJill Fritz, Ph.D.,
Patent Technical Advisor,
Cooley LLP
Amy Kullas HeadshotAmy Kullas, Ph.D.,
Ethics Director,
American Society for Microbiology