Predoctoral NIH Data Tables and Suggested Data Formats

Below is information for the Data Tables for NIGMS predoctoral programs, including the following:

  • Basic biomedical predoctoral program (PAR-23-228​),
  • Graduate Research Training Initiative for Student Enhancement (G-RISE) (PAR-24-032),
  • Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) (PAR-24-031),
  • Bridges to the Doctorate (PAR-24-232),
  • Leading Equity and Advancing Diversity in the Medical Scientist Training Program (LEAD MSTP) (PAR-23-030),
  • Medical Science Training Program (MSTP) (PAR-24-128​​)

Include the following Forms H Data Tables for new or renewal applications. Combine in a single document and upload to “Section 9: Data Tables” of the PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan Forms H.

Table #Title of TableNew ApplicationsRenewal Applications
Table 1 Census of Participating Departments or Interdepartmental Programs Except last 2 columns Last column only applies to T90/R90
Table 2 Participating Faculty Members
Table 3 Federal Institutional Research Training Grant and Related Support Available to Participating Faculty Members
Table 4 Research Support of Participating Faculty Members
Table 5A Publications of Those in Training: Predoctoral
Table 7 Appointments to the Training Grant for Each Year of the Current Project Period Not Applicable
Table 8A Program Outcomes: Predoctoral Part III Only Parts I, II, and IV

Additional Data to Replace Table 6

NIGMS no longer requires Training Table 6A in its Institutional Predoctoral T32 training grant applications. To avoid the inclusion of Table 6 in a training data table set generated via xTRACT, applicants should omit the "Start year of the most recently completed academic year" when prompted in the Applicants/Entrants section. The resulting PDF will then exclude Table 6A.

Although Table 6A is not required, applicants must provide Baseline Data on the Trainee Pool to facilitate NIGMS review of the ability of participating departments/interdepartmental programs to recruit training grant eligible individuals. NIH also uses the number of training grant eligible candidates to determine the appropriate budget and number of funded positions. NIGMS will use the data provided in a manner consistent with applicable law.

Accordingly, provide the numbers and characteristics of training grant eligible individuals who (I) applied, (II) were admitted, and (III) matriculated for each of the past 5 academic years as well as the average over those years. Applicants are encouraged to use the Suggested Formats below.

The required attachment with Baseline Data on the Trainee Pool must be combined with the other required attachments (such as the Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity) and uploaded to “Other Project Information” of the PHS 398 Research Training Program Plan and must not be included in the Data Table section.

For all applications, NIGMS recommends using the Suggested Format Table A to represent the required Baseline Data on the Trainee Pool:

  • Suggested Format A Instructions and examples: Word | PDF

NIGMS recommends using the Suggested Format Table B in addition to ​Suggested Formats A for applications with multi-departmental or multi-organizational structures:

  • Suggested Format B Instructions and examples: Word | PDF