Native American Research Centers for Health (NARCH)

The NARCH program supports opportunities for conducting research and career enrichment to meet health needs prioritized by American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) tribes or tribally-based organizations. It aims:

  • to work toward reducing health disparities in AI/AN populations by allowing the AI/AN communities to control and prioritize the health research and career enhancement opportunities.
  • to support health research projects selected and prioritized by the AI/AN communities.
  • to encourage research capacity and infrastructure building within AI/AN communities to provide the framework for sustainability of research within these communities.
  • to enhance health research partnerships and reduce distrust of research by AI/AN communities, while promoting a cadre of scientists and health research professionals interested in AI/AN health research.

NARCH Awards Promote:

  • Research activities that are directly linked to health concerns articulated by the tribal communities.
  • Training in writing successful grant applications.
  • Research experience and education for biomedical research careers.
  • Local and regional professional and administrative employment for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

NARCH Award Stewardship

NARCH grant applications are submitted by and awarded to the tribe or tribal organization. Awarding the grant directly to the tribe or tribal organization allows for the community to dictate and oversee research priorities, while drawing upon necessary expertise from the research community to accomplish its scientific goals. Due to the complexity of the NARCH awards, NIH and the Indian Health Service (IHS) work closely to support this program. NIH oversees the funding and management of NARCH grants, while IHS oversees interactions with the tribal organizations and provides guidance involving human subjects research. NIGMS primarily funds faculty development, student research training, and core activities of each NARCH, while NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices (ICOs) support within the purview of the ICO’s strategic goals.

NARCH applications undergo peer reviews organized by the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR). Research projects with the best science and the best designs and strategies to meet the objectives of the NARCH program are selected based on priority scores of the peer review.

Funding Opportunity Announcement: PAR-16-297

Awarded NARCH Recipients

NARCH Awards [link needed]